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Strategies for Multiple Choice, Short Answer and Open Response Tests

Tests and exams, especially timed tests with high stakes such as state exams (in Massachusetts, even though it is technically an untimed test, passing the 10th grade MCAS is a requirement for receiving a high school diploma, no matter how well a student does in his/her classes), the SATs, GREs, educator licensure exams, Microsoft Office Specialist certification tests, etc., make people very nervous. Many don't perform as well at the time of the test as they do in practical application work, usually untimed, precisely because of anxiety issues. This is a normal response and a little bit of anxiety has been shown to be beneficial, as it helps individuals sharpen their focus. The following strategies for multiple choice and short answer questions will help any test-taker reduce anxiety to manageable levels, if not eliminate it altogether.

While we all would like to achieve perfect scores, the best strat...See More

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