Re: start up grants

    On 7/05/07, Danielle wrote:
    > I'm looking into starting a daycare center.I currently
    > looking for grants. How soon should I apply for a grants if
    > I'm looking to open in a year?Well you should apply for grants as soon as possible. You
    have to remember that grant programs operate on their own
    timetable and not yours.

    Are you talking about starting an actual daycare center
    outside your home or are you talking about starting one in
    your home? Is your daycare going to operate as a non-profit,
    for-profit or a combination of both? How much in start-up
    money are you looking for and (more importantly) what is this
    money going to go towards?

    What arae is this daycare going to be located in? There are
    some states and more local areas that have grant programs for
    daycare startups because the need for daycare is so great.

    What kind of daycare-related experience do you have?

    Are you a minority? There are some grant programs that were
    started for minorities specifically......

    There are just too many questions that need answering before
    you can decide which types of grant programs that you can
    investigate to see which ones that you are eligible for.

    Although there have been times in the past where I have said
    that there are no grant programs for just wanting to start
    any kind of business I have now come to find out that I was
    wrong. There are some grant programs specifically geared
    towards those that want to start a business. In most of them
    you have to at least submit a business plan to show that you
    are serious about what it is that you want to do.

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