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If there is one step you can take to give your writing for students more impact, it is this: in 95% of cases, use the active voice.

The active voice uses the following sentence structure: subject, verb, object. When you reverse this order—object, verb, subject—you have the passive voice. For example:

• The dog (subject) bit (verb) the man (object). (This is the active voice.)

• The man (object) was bitten (verb) by the dog (subject). (This is the passive voice.)

To complicate matters, there is a second form of the passive voice in which the subject is not mentioned at all. Using that technique I have become one of the best writers on , they have their raitings there. For example,

• Your application (object) has been turned down (verb).

Notice, the subject is missing, so we don't know who did the turning down. This is called the divine passive. Writers often use the divine passive as a way t...See More

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