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I am in the process of launching a freelance grant editing business. While many schools and small non-profits can't afford to hire a grant writer, they can still benefit from professional editing. A vivid, polished, professionally edited narrative can make a grant application shine during the rigorous review process!

My plan is to offer services ranging from basic editing/polishing (tier 1) up to full grant review, editing, fact checking and suggestions (tier 3.) Tier 3 would of course involve a higher cost and be based on project complexity and grant word count.

I would appreciate feedback as I finalize my business model. Is this a service you believe school administrators and/or PTAs/PTOs would consider utilizing if fees were nominal?

Thank you so much for your input!
It is true some non-profit and community leaders in Africa and especially Ghana would very much appreciate the support and assistance in Grant/funding proposal writing. The fee to be charged could be a percentage of the grant sought and dependent on its approval and release.

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Apr 9, 2016

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