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Hello All,

I am 5th grade teacher in New York City. I am looking for 4 classrooms that would be willing to pen pal with my 5th grade team. Each class has about 30 students. The format can start off and remain as snail mail or we can even go further and eventually make it so that we are Skyping and having whole class discussions about topics that are relevant to us (i.e. social issues, current events, etc.). Of course, all of this can be worked out as we progress throughout the year. We are looking to expand our ideas and perspectives about how geography and other factors help to shape our view and perspective of the world.

Looking forward to chatting and getting this project off of the ground with you.

K.Diaz We would love to be pen pals. I teach gifted students in Florida. I have 6 5th graders but they could write to a few kids each and I also have 10 fourth graders who could write to them
Oct 25, 2017

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