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  • Teacher with guinea pigs Yes they are excellent pets. However they need to be cared for properly. Left alone in an unheated school with no fresh food or water available is not acceptable. "Losing" a pig because you left him for a week without proper care is n...See More
    Apr 1, 2013 report post
  • Kat We've kept guinea pigs in our nursery (preK?) classroom for many years now. We ask families to home them over holidays (they love the opportunity of caring for and enjoying a pet for a short time then being able to hand it back!!) We leave ...See More
    Mar 24, 2013 report post
  • Annie Tuimasi The easiest classroom pets are axolotls... you can feed them Monday, Wednesday and Friday and just change 1/2 the water once a month. If they are not fed for 3 to 4 days, they are syill fine! They look like little aliens and the kids LOVE them!
    Jan 21, 2013 report post
  • Guinea Pigs Here /blockquote> I have guinea pigs in my classroom. I kept them in the room during the week and brought them home on weekends last year, but then found out that the night custodian was not being kind to the guinea pigs. Rather than call him on i...See More
    Sep 29, 2007 report post
  • hfjfnbkdnf /blockquote> jcjcjcjccccccccjkdlshfkdjdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd...See More
    Aug 30, 2007 report post

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