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OK. I'm a new teacher in the mid-Atlantic. We have
middling cold winters and some snow days. I also just
heard something from our principal about having a 'three
day contingency plan' for those times when something
happens and you are out for three days straight.

That said, I really want to have pets in my room. I teach
4-5 special ed resource room and find that for some kids
at this age coming to special ed is no longer 'cool' and
they are reluctant to come. Thus, the inclusion of guinea
pigs (my choice for a pet) would make the room fun and
exciting rather than just ordinary (my principal has no
problem with the pets but there are no other ones in the

Has anybody had experience with having had guinea pigs as
classroom pets? We had them as home pets and loved them,
but both died. I already have all the equipment and only
need new pigs, bedding and food, etc.

If you ha...See More
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Aug 30, 2007
Guinea Pigs Here /blockquote>

I have guinea pigs in my classroom. I kept them in the room
during the week and brought them home on weekends last year,
but then found out that the night custodian was not being
kind to the guinea pigs. Rather than call him on it, I just
started bringing them home every night. A lot of teachers
called m...See More
Sep 29, 2007
Annie Tuimasi The easiest classroom pets are axolotls... you can feed them Monday, Wednesday and Friday and just change 1/2 the water once a month. If they are not fed for 3 to 4 days, they are syill fine! They look like little aliens and the kids LOVE them!
Jan 21, 2013
Kat We've kept guinea pigs in our nursery (preK?) classroom for many years now. We ask families to home them over holidays (they love the opportunity of caring for and enjoying a pet for a short time then being able to hand it back!!) We leave them in the unheated school over the weekend. If it's going to be very cold, we partially cover their cages wi...See More
Mar 24, 2013
Teacher with guinea pigs Yes they are excellent pets. However they need to be cared for properly. Left alone in an unheated school with no fresh food or water available is not acceptable. "Losing" a pig because you left him for a week without proper care is neglect. If you are not going to take proper care of them, you shouldn't have them.

On 3/24/13, Kat wrote: ...See More
Apr 1, 2013

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