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It can be difficult for schoolchildren to cope with stress levels during school. What can help them? Communication with pets, of course! You may have had a living corner in your school, but this initiative has always remained at the discretion of management. How about making this a ubiquitous teaching practice?

In March 2019, Buckingham University hosted the Educational Wellbeing Conference. The main topic of the conference was the discussion of methods of responding to stressful situations in adolescents. The participants put forward an interesting proposal. What if we provided each school with a dog so that the student can forget about their problems while playing with the pet? Anthony Seldon, Vice Chancellor of Buckingham University, said the solution would be "extremely effective and help children feel more comfortable at school."

It is possible that in the near future at least one dog will become mandatory in every school in the UK. The initiative was also suppor...See More

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