Re: Need classroom pet suggestions
Peggy Collrin

    Have the kids research rabbits. There is a lot of information out there and it is
    true they can be litter trained. I have been a teacher for 36 yrs and a 4-H leader
    most of that time. I would suggest looking into a gentle larger breed like a
    Flemish Giant - not too delicate, and a great mascot! I would recommend spaying
    or neutoring for a healthy pet free of hormonal issues as they get older. Good
    luck! Stay away from long-haired breeds if you ay have students with asthma.
    Invest in a good air cleaner if you can for the room if you do have kids with
    allergies. Many rabbits can be obtained at low cost of donated to your school if
    they need rehomeing - we actually found ours through Craig's List and are thrilled
    with our classtroom pets, a tortoise shell colored Dutch male and a Dwarf Hotot
    On 1/20/08, michael wrote:
    > On 1/16/08, Steph wrote:
    >> I need help on a finding a low maintance education pet for
    >> an 8th grade classroom. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    >> Thanks,
    >> Steph
    > Over the years, I have had many pets in my classrooms of
    > special education. I have found that some rodents are
    > nocturnal so they would not be good class pets. Hermit
    > crabs are fun to watch if you have several of them so they
    > can interact with eachother. Various kinds of reptiles,
    > like skinks, anoles, and geckos may cost a bit more than
    > rodents, but they live longer and are active during the
    > day. Also, some eat live food like crickets and mealworms,
    > which can be very exciting to watch and educational.