Re: Need classroom pet suggestions

    On 1/16/08, Steph wrote:
    > I need help on a finding a low maintance education pet for
    > an 8th grade classroom. Does anyone have any suggestions?A fish tank with some hardy tropical fish works well for my
    classroom. (Just don't get snails-- they multiply like
    crazy and take over the tank.)

    The fish usually last a long time. I only have to clean the
    tank once or twice during the year. The kids take care of
    all the feeding. During long vacations, I put in an
    automatic feeder and the fish are usually fine. And, in the
    rare event the fish die, I can get a whole new set of fish
    for under $15.

    If you want to, you can also get Mollies, guppies, or other
    fish that will reproduce. Kids love it.

    Good luck.

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