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We just need Rhode Island!!

**Also, if you signed up for Florida, please check your information because your e-mail does not work.**

I am interested in setting up a postcard exchange for grades K-2. After participating in a postcard exchange for several years, here are some things that we are looking for:

** Must include a postcard that shows the name of your state (while letters are great, we like to display postcards around the map)

** If you want to include letters from students / teacher, that is fine. Just please also include a postcard.

** We do a state book each year in class, so we don't need information about your state. Instead, tell us some interesting things about your community / classroom / school!!

Thank you for your time!
Michelle My email was updated. (Florida) Thanks!
Aug 2, 2018
Every Little Piece Awesome! I sent you an e-mail!

We are still just needing Rhode Island!!
Aug 2, 2018
Cindy If you signed up for this postcard exchange, please be sure to update your information so we can get started on this. To make it easy for you, the addresses will be typed so that you can print them directly onto labels. We just need the information. If anyone from Rhode Island would like to join, please do! We need you. Thanks.
Sep 11, 2018

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