Re: Sylvan learning centers
Natalie Orozco

    On 9/23/05, Dee wrote:
    > HELP! I have two children enrolled in Sylvan in
    > FLORIDA....Needless to say we have spend $1000's. The 2
    > director left suddenly in AUgust and now the owneres are
    > there. They say my son is doing better however after 6
    > months at 4/5 hours a week his teacher said he is doing
    > worse!!! It's hard to tell with my daughter since she is
    > in middle school! HELP!
    I'm 16 years old and i really need help in focussing and
    doing well in my classes i'm on a low income family i was
    wondering if you can contact me to help me because i really
    want to graduate high school with out any bad grades so i can
    become a surgical technition or a x-ray technition thank you