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I have been an instuctor at Sylvan Learning Center for
over two years. I usually teach reading, writing skills
and study skills. Part of the criteria for Sylvan
Learning Centers is to maintain a 3:1 ratio at each
table. It is not always possible or in the students' best
interests to do this. At the Center where I worked, if
students needed more attention, they were placed in a
setting that was maybe 2:1. The Center franchise owner is
very involved with the students and parents. The students
are placed with teachers that like the students and the
students have the opportunity to voice who they would
rather have as their teacher. Independence and
empowerment are stressed at Sylvan.

I do believe Sylvan is not for everybody. Some students
will progress better one on one in a less structured
environment. I'm glad I teach in this Sylvan. I have
taught at a different Sylvan Learning Center and did n...See More

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