Re: Great American E-mail Race
    Dianne Hopson

    I am a fourth grade Language Arts teacher in a 1-A rural school
    in Dawson, Texas. I would love to join the email race, but I'm
    not sure how to do it. My email is

    Thanks, Dianne

    On 8/28/09, C. Wms wrote:
    > I teach ELL 6-8 at a BIA boarding school on the Navajo
    > reservation in AZ. I'm sure my kiddos would love to get email
    > or snail mail from the outside world. We're Shonto Prep school
    > (for those doing the traditional mail race).
    > Thanks, Clover
    > On 10/23/06, Jenn wrote:
    >> I am a third grade teacher from Ca and I am looking for
    >> classrooms to participate in a Great American E-mail Race.
    >> You would complete a short survey via e-mail and send it
    >> back to me then I would forward answers to all
    >> participates who want them. This would give our students a
    >> chance to learn about diffrent schools across the U.S.A
    >> and the cost is free because there is no stamps involved.
    >> If you want to join let me know by posting or sending me a
    >> message with your state and e-mail Any grade is okay .
    >> Thanks a buncch
    >> The following states are full
    >> Texas and California