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Our school is a Primary school in the UK and we are looking to set up a Travel Buddy system with schools anywhere in the world. We would like to exchange a box containing some items eg a toy and some bits and pieces. We would also be interested in establishing Pen Pals for the children with the school that we exchange the box with. We would like for each class in our school to take part and so we are looking for a number of different schools to become buddies with us. Ideally a different school for each year group. We have 8 year groups who would like to take part with children ranging in age from 3 to 11 years old. If any other school is interested please get in contact, we would like to get this up and running fairly soon.

Many Thanks John
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Tiffany I'm a 4th grade teacher in the Poconos of Pennsylvania and actually have a Travel Buddy system that I'm continuing from last year! I'd love to do this with a class from your school! Please email me at [email removed]

On 7/31/13, Kelli wrote:

> K-2 campus Merkel, Texas, USA Would love to set up travel

> buddies! Ple...See More
Aug 31, 2013
Fiona Robertson Hi John I love having a travel buddy and would love to participate. I have Piata who is a pukeho. He loves travelling and would love to have another adventure. My class also loves corresponding with other classes so we would love to be part of this project if possible.

Sep 1, 2013
Carrie Vestal John or Fiona, I have a fourth grade class (9-10 year old students)in North Carolina. My class personally has never done a travel buddy but would love to participate in a travel buddy project. Please let me know if we could join with either of your schools. Thank you for your time, Carrie

On 9/01/13, Fiona Robertson wrote: > Hi John I ...See More
Oct 3, 2013
laura i would love to have a travel buddies. i am 9.i am in 4 grade

i live in miami fl
Oct 7, 2014
laura i would love to have a travel buddies. i am 9.i am in 4 grade

i live in miami fl
Oct 7, 2014

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