Re: Avoid Hoonah City School District
    not related to a board member

    > The information I received said the Sup. resigned when his
    > wife wasn't given a job. Which sounds like the board called
    > his bluff and wasn't willing to be manipulated

    Ha! The board being manipulated... very funny. Wife actually WAS given a job thanks
    much. She left when he got fired... again. - The sup. was let go in the middle of his
    first year... then begged back, after they hired another sup. and then broke contract
    with her. Although it was cool because in the week that sup. was hired the district got
    stuck with a couple of teachers, one of which was hired as a behavior specialist and
    then thrown in as a full time hs teacher - even though this person TOLD the sup that
    they had zero classroom experience and didn't feel comfortable.

    The board consists of a high school drop out and a convicted drug dealer --- one
    that sold cocaine to high school students and is only out of prison because he turned
    over on his supplier and took the plea bargain. Oh yeah - and the wife of a very
    questionable volleyball coach who was implicated in a molest case. Girl's volleyball...
    with no adult female on the away trips... yeah. It's okay though, because he'll tell you
    he is 100% Tlingit, which qualifies him to be better at absolutely any and everything
    pertaining to the school. Until the cruise ships brings tourists and there is money to
    be made elsewhere that is. There are some good people on that board but not
    enough to out weigh the scary ones.

    If the turn over rate isn't enough to scare you away maybe take a look at the fact that
    even teachers / staff that have been there for 20 years are now fleeing, in at least one
    case leaving town altogether. A man who has raised his family there... uprooting
    middle school / high school kids to escape how corrupt the district is and the board's
    refusal to let educator's... I dunno... educate.

    Run... seriously.