Re: Who else has to teach Read Well
Third grade

    On 3/17/07, Praline wrote:
    > Yes Mindy, I support your opinion of Read Well and We Can
    > the preschool version. It is not a miracle worker. It is
    > supported by NCLB and one day I suspect we will learn
    > the "feds" pushing NCLB have stock in Sopris West, the
    > publishing co. My sympathies are with you.
    > On 3/13/07, Mindy wrote:
    >> I teach in a school that is insisting that the Read Well
    >> program is our miracle!!! I have very strong negative
    >> feeling about this program. Does anyone out there have
    >> those feeling??? I need some support.I was part of a group of teachers choosing between three
    intervention programs. We evaluated them and listened to three
    speakers. We chose Read Well as our third choice but our
    county chose it as first choice. (Cheapest Program) I felt
    like it was a waste of our time to evaluate them. We have
    since purchased Read Well Plus and SRA.