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PSA for AFS-USA ( Miss Tennky Area AFS Team) Contact: Sandy Rich at [email removed]

AFS-USA announces their 102nd Year Anniversary. The American Field Service (AFS) were the ambulance drivers in WWI and WWII. They formed AFS as we know it today after they returned to the USA. The drivers ( (3) three from TN) believed that if Americans really knew folks from other countries WWIII would never happen. The drivers sought to promote international understanding and peace through student exchanges. Today, AFS-USA is a non-profit, international and intercultural organization founded in 1947. It has successfully been sending teachers and students on exchanges for the last 70 years. The local team belongs to the local Chamber of Commerce and United Way. The AFS-USA's mission is to work toward a more just and peaceful world by providing international and intercultural learning experiences to individuals, families, schools and communities through a global partnership which now reaches 90...See More

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