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Why not apply today to at least be a "welcome" family for one of these two great AFS young guys from Thailand and Brazil?

These two (2) AFS exchange guys need loving hosts by August 31st as they are schedule to arrive on September 8th and hosts must be obtained before they leave their countries. Please, share this information with your parents, friends, neighbors and e-mail buddies. We also need registered volunteers in the your area. Go to [link removed]

Meet RACHATA Age (at arrival): 17 years Program length: Year Rachata, who goes by Nice, is a friendly and responsible young man. He has a good relationship with his grandparents and extended family, and he is happiest when everyone gets to share meals together and talk about their day. At school, Nice's favorite subject is chemistry; he was recently chosen as his class's representative at a computer contest. Nice has both a musical and an athletic side. He plays the guitar and loves listening to music, an...See More

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