Re: In School Suspension
    John Miller

    On 7/07/10, Wilma Bates wrote:
    > On 5/20/08, Dinah Allen wrote:
    >> Our committee is working on an ISS curriculum. Is there
    >> anyone that could give us a copy of one that works for
    >> you? Dinah Allen
    > Did you get any information on ISS? I will have ISS in a
    > middle school this year.

    >>>>I would set up cubby holes that the student cannot see the person next to them.
    Students who are in my ISS know they have to work or I will add
    additional days to ISS There is no talking whatsoevr and breaks
    come every two hours. We have about 12 at a time. We set up
    male, female, male then skip a cube female male female female
    male. I a student talks or passes a note. We add on two days and
    I have on occassion paddled them for their offense. If I do
    decide to use the paddle I still add on one extra ISS