Re: Renewal of an expired teaching license

    Hi, Stacey,
    You need to go on-line at the Arkansas State Department of
    Education and download a copy of the certificate renewal
    application. It costs $100.00 to renew your certificate. You
    may also be asked to go be fingerprinted which is an extra $25-
    35. I tried to go on-line to view a copy of my expired
    Arkansas certificate but was defeated on that task.
    You are probably right in assuming that you might be given a
    provisional certificate, BUT some school districts may be
    willing to hire you if you let them know in your cover letter
    that your Arkansas certificate has expired. I have both a
    Texas and an Oklahoma certificate so decided to wait on
    renewing my Arkansas one unless a district decides to offer me
    a job.
    Good Luck! I for one am thrilled that you were able to stay
    home with your children for a few years. That's fabulous and
    your children will always remember.
    On 4/20/10, Stacey wrote:
    > Can anyone help me out here? I've tried reading the website
    > and calling, but I seem to get different answers with each
    > different person I talk to. My license expired in 07 or 08
    > (I can't even remember). I have not taught since 2002. AND
    > I have not kept up at all with my 60 required hours a year
    > of professional development. I have not taken any graduate
    > classes. Now, after staying home to raise my children, I
    > want to go back to teaching, and requirements all seem so
    > different now. How do I get my license back? Do I have to
    > do the 60 hours for EACH year since the 06 requirement, or
    > just the current year's 60? Can I just apply and get a
    > provisional license and then actually get a job and do my
    > 60 hours that way? Do I have to go to grad school? Is there
    > any easy way to do this without spending major time and
    > major $$$, or should I just give up and find a new career.
    > I am beyond frustrated here!! Thanks for any advice you
    > have to offer.