It is a nice place to visit but a miserable place to live. I was treated
    really poorly in every single job I had there. Plus, they worked you
    like a rat. The greed is insane in that town and the people controlling
    the wealth exploit labor something awful there. I am so happy to be out
    of there.
    On 4/27/08, To TC from Rodeo wrote:
    > You might be right about San Diego. It could be because San Diego
    > always has a big supply of most workers. There are plenty of workers
    > for low skill jobs because of the huge number of illegal immigrants
    > in San Diego and he large number of young people who move there for
    > the beach. And there are a lot of colleges and universities there so
    > there is also a large, continual supply of high skill workers also
    > with degrees in everything from English to engineering.
    > San Diego is really an employer's market. That probably does create
    > a general attitude of power by the people in power over hiring and
    > management and such.