Re: Why no jobs in Loveland
hey jobless from Rodeo

    Yeah Rodeo,I agree with you. There is a good reason why they always claim that there is
    a teacher shortage. It is because an excess supply is very good for the
    employers, which is the government. I love economic theory and am a huge fan
    of Adam Smith. Well, that is beside the point. But there is no doubt that
    all other things being equal, a large supply of something tends to lower the
    price of things. Which is why prostitutes are so cheap in Bangkok.

    So having way too many teachers saves the government a lot of money. Even
    the federal government that does not have to directly pay teaching salaries
    saves themselves a lot of grief when there is a huge supply of teachers. And
    the oversupply of certain types of teachers does not cost the employer
    anything because they do not pay for the credentials of the teacher. The
    teachers are the ones who pay for it.

    Look at all of the problems when there is a shortage like in math. The
    federal government keeps having to get these committees to study the math
    teacher shortage and do studies and pretend to be solving the problem. That
    costs them money. And they have to try to offer these special incentives to
    get people to teach math, which costs them money also.

    If the government could convince as many people to get math teaching
    credentials as have elementary credentials then they could always get
    someone to do it no matter how bad the working conditions are. As it is,
    they are not willing to change the working conditions so they just keep
    trying to convince more people to do the job of teaching math--which does
    not seem to be working very well. Laugh. The government trying to get
    teachers is like a real ugly, mean woman trying to get a boyfriend. She is
    not willing to be nice to the guy or make herself a little more fun or
    pleasant to be with, so she is offering to buy them a hamburger once a week
    to be her boyfriend. Sorry, not enough incentive.

    That is how the government is with math teachers. Hey, come be a math
    teacher. We refuse to improve the working conditions but we will pay a
    really small amount towards your student loans if you are willing to spend
    two years of your life in hell and misery. Hey, hey, where are you going?
    What if we throw in a coffee cup that says, "Make a difference--teach"? How
    about a chance to be teacher of the year? Wouldn't that be better than being
    happy? Come back here, we need you! There are so few people who will live in
    poverty and misery anymore now that Ghandi and Mother Theresa are dead. The
    rest have all chained themselves to redwood trees.