Re: Is there anyone who likes their teaching job?
Old enough to know some things

    As with all things in life there are many sides to every
    subject. Many of us that entered Education, have never
    really worked in another field so have no other options. I student taught in the middle '70's but only was hired full-
    time ten years ago. I was able to work part-time while my
    kids were little and I enjoyed being an active mother. Life
    in the classrooms have changed about 90% from what I was
    trained to do. Children have also "changed"--lack of
    respect, rules at home, problem homes, etc. Students that
    were once in special classroom or schools, are now in the
    regular classroom. Often these students make teaching very
    difficult not only for the teacher but the other students
    suffer in what they are able to learn.

    I'm at the age where my peers are able to retire as they are
    finding teaching no longer enjoyable and fun as it once
    was. It seems as if it is "All work and no play" these days
    and I'm afraid it is not only making our kids into "great"
    test takers but to finish the saying "makes Jack very dull
    boy". They are stressed each day to perform to achieve
    goals set to help them do better.

    On the other hand the new crop of teachers are being trained
    in a different way focusing on the data results, state
    standards, etc. They seem to have a lot of energy...I'm not
    sure how long that will last in the long run.

    In my ten years, I've held 4 different positions, 2 I've
    really enjoyed, the other 2 are over worked--each should be
    2 positions but budget is limited in education and some wear
    many hats. I'll move on when it is time and I feel the next
    opportunity is right but for now I like my Admin., staff and
    most of the student (often more as individuals than as a
    group). Some days are more rewarding than others and I can
    only try my best and hope that my students know more than
    when they came to me.

    If you have the opportunity to try teaching, do it. That is
    the only way you'll know if you like it or not. Try a
    second position if the first doesn't work out before giving
    up and returning to your current area. Good luck we need
    teachers that really enjoy their teaching and their students.

    On 5/03/08, Allison wrote:
    > I am now going back to school (at night) to
    > finally teach.
    > The only messages I seem to be hearing from teachers, on
    > this board and others is how much they hate their job.

    > So, please someone tell me that they like their job. I am
    > really getting discourage at all the whiners and really
    > rude people on this (and other) boards.
    > Please don't make any rude comments, just plain honest
    > answers. If you are upset by my posting, I am sorry.
    > Allison