Re: PLACE _ECE, HI i would like to get a little help about

    On 4/21/10, Sharon Crowley wrote: I am taking my test on Saturday,
    and hoping I will get it right, but it is alot of material to know
    at one time. If anyone has any helpful hints, I would greatly
    appreciate any advise you can give. Thanks1
    > On 12/07/09, J wrote:
    >> On 8/17/09, Kaarem wrote:
    >>> Hi teachers! I didn't pass the place test again, as you
    >>> know is hard to know what are the right answers< i am
    >>> really looking for a study partner(s) so we could share the
    >>> info, study guides and experiences maybe we could figure
    >>> out a common idea for some questions, please if you or
    >>> anybody that is going to do it, want to meet once in a
    >>> while i will really appreciate! if any of ECE Teachers in
    >>> denver area would have sometime to tutor for some questions
    >>> i will do that to, let me know if someone can help me a
    >>> little bit with this.. thank you so much..
    >> Hello Kaarem
    >> I see that your post is back in August, but I'm wondering if
    >> you are still studying for the Place test or if you've passed?
    >> If you are still studying for the exam I'd like to study/share
    >> material with you. So far I've taken the Place once and did
    >> not pass. If you have completed the test I would still like to
    >> speak with you, perhaps you can give me a few pointers on what
    >> helped you get through it.
    >> Thanks