Re: Testing Culture in Colorado vs Other States

    On 9/20/09, CO Teacher wrote:
    > It depends in which district you end up, if you can even find
    > a job. :( Some districts push state testing (CSAP) more than
    > others. Charter schools are the worst since they need the
    > scores to help draw more students away from other public and
    > private schools. (BTW, on average, charter schools also pay A
    > LOT less than surrounding public schools.)
    > The job market is VERY competitive here. Many teachers are
    > looking for teaching jobs; there are hundreds of applicants
    > for every job. Luckily, I have a job, but I have a friend who
    > has been looking for a job for THREE YEARS. I also know that
    > many people (who have recently been laid off from other non-
    > teaching positions) are applying for teaching licenses and
    > subbing. CDE has been so flooded with applicants that it can
    > take up to five months to get a license. (It took one of my
    > friends four months to receive hers.)
    > Good luck.

    Re-read the post above, as all of it is quite accurate.

    At the school where I teach, the principal has long been fond of
    saying, "I hate to say it's all about CSAP, but it IS all about

    I mistakenly believed that she said this a bit tongue-in-cheek,
    until I was called on the carpet after writing and illustrating
    TWO Big Books about Abe Lincoln.

    The principal told me, "I don't care what your students know
    about Lincoln. They're not going to be tested on that."

    I don't think that ALL of the principals in my district are that
    extreme about testing, but beware. . .