Re: Looking for a Language Arts Position

    On 7/21/10, Tatum Sullivan wrote:
    > Hi everyone!
    > I am a recent graduate from The University of Colorado at
    > Denver. I know it is an AWFUL time to be looking for a new
    > teaching job, but I was just wondering if anyone could give
    > me any referrals to openings they know about, or upcoming
    > possibilities. I have been applying at several districts in
    > the Metro area about every other day.
    > Any advice would be helpful!
    > Thank you,
    > Tatum


    It's a soul-crushing job market out there right now, to be
    sure. That being said, it's still possible to get a job. I'm
    in the same boat as you are, and I don't have certification
    from the CDE yet and want to go through their alternative
    licensing program so I can try to find a "mentor." I was told
    by DPS not to even bother looking for English teaching jobs
    through the alt. licensing program because the jobs simply
    wouldn't be there. That being said, once you have the CDE's
    approval, I believe you can apply anywhere you want to. I
    would begin networking (if you have not already) with every
    teacher's union and associated group possible, substituting
    at every school and district possible, offering to take
    principals and assistant principals out to lunches, offering
    to fill in wherever possible, hosting meetings at your home
    if you can, and so forth.

    People hire who they like and feel comfortable with, and while
    DPS does not seem to have any networking or support
    organizations that I've been able to find online yet, they may
    exist and there are certainly the unions.