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Re: Chemistry Praxis II Exam

    I took the 2 tests last year. I took a refresher gen chem
    course at a community college first because I had been away
    from teaching chem for about 10 years and was glad I did. As
    a recent grad you should be fine, as long as you carefully
    review labs (MgO standard crucible lab, one hydrate problem,
    I believe), do lots of practice problems and review basic
    lab equipment. There were a few bio-related chem questions
    (DNA, etc) and some environmentally related ones (acid
    rain). There were maybe 1 or 2 questions from the Praxis II
    study guide. Do NOT take the exams at Yale. They are
    extremely disorganized!! Good luck! You should have no
    problem getting a job. Look now. There are some posted on
    CTREAP.NET already. Rob
    > I am planning on taking the Chemistry Praxis II exams for
    > the first time. Can anyone who has taken them tell me how
    > hard they are, what kind of questions they ask, anything?
    > I am scared to death! Also, what is the best way to study
    > for them? I just recently graduated with a BS in
    > chemistry and education.
    > Thanks for any help.