Re: Jobs in CT

    Thank you for all of your advice. Seeing how I am from NH,
    (being a New Englander) I have not had too much trouble
    like "Georgia". I network pretty well and talked to lots of
    teachers to find the best way to go about getting a job in
    CT. This thread is one of those "networking" things I set
    up. Yes... it helps I am SPED certified, I have taken and passed
    the Praxis I and II, and my certification paper work has
    already been submitted. I am now just finishing putting my
    application packets together, and I am good to go.

    I am a very confident person, and when I am driven for
    something, I will go after it, and achieve it to the best of
    my ability. I try to teach my students this as well
    (practice what you teach right?) I understand CT is
    demanding... but NE is just as demanding. I am proud to be
    apart of such a highly reguarded (education wise) region of
    the country. Although, I still have not lost track why I
    went to school be a teacher, to teach inner city kids. I
    know, some think it is crazy... but I love it... and I am
    happy that eventhough through this processes I didn't loose
    sight of that... and that makes me very proud of myself.

    So "Georgia", I understand where you are coming from... and
    as an educator you should be respected. It takes a lot of
    courage to move your entire career and life. I hope you get
    the respect you deserve. It is tough in "these parts",
    people can be snutty, but that doesn't represent everyone.
    Good luck, and thank you everyone for the help and advice.
    More is welcome!