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Hello all, hope your summer is going well.

I need three teachers to answer 10 questions that relate to the Connecticut Common Core of Teaching. It's an assignment required to obtain my teaching certification. Most importantly, at least two have to teach either in a diverse setting or special education. The assignment is due on August 3rd, 2017.

I plan on asking teachers I know, but it might be difficult to contact them as I only have school e-mail address and phone numbers, not personal ones. I need signatures and a way to contact you for a form as well to prove the information is real.

If anyone is willing to answer these questions, let me know. My e-mail is porter underscore lindsey at y a h o o dot c o m.

Here are the questions:

1) How do you engage students in the classroom? Do you ask students a lot of questions? Do you host class discussions?

2) Do you incorporate your students' interests into every lesson plan or do you...See More

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