Closing the Gap/NCLB/GEAR UP: "From High School to College,

    Closing the Gap/NCLB/GEAR UP: "From High School to College,
    Boarding Pass to Success," book that will motivate Latino,
    African-American, other minorities and underprivileged
    students and help them to succeed in High School and in
    their race for College. Information is power; sadly, even today, in the high tech
    information era, we can see that many kids (minorities or
    not) in low-income neighborhoods do not get beyond high
    school basically for lack of information and motivation.

    Both inspirational and informative, this book traces the
    successful journey of a first generation Hispanic family in
    what represents for them "the land of opportunities," the
    USA, and their struggle to bring their children into Ivy
    League universities against all odds. If these children
    were able to do it, every child that follows their path can
    succeed. By encouraging the goal of getting a college
    degree in order to have a better life and to give a better
    life to your own kids, by showing that caressing a dream
    that can come true, that pursuing a goal that can be
    reached will definitely make a positive impact in their

    The story is complemented with practical information: A
    five-page detailed chart, "The Landmarks Along the Road,"
    that shows, step by step, what needs to be done throughout
    the four years of high school, indicating not only
    deadlines, but approximate starting dates which will allow
    students to complete each step on time; an extensive list
    of useful URLs of sites with free practice tests, and a
    section on how, and where get funding for college.

    Since the book details, step by step, what they need to do
    in high school to prepare for college, it can be assigned
    as a required reading in the summer between middle school
    and high school, or in the summer of the freshman year,
    when they still have time to close the gap so no child is
    left behind.

    For further information or READ SOME CHAPTERS go to:

    There are a couple of ways in which you can encourage your
    students to read the book: including it in the reading
    lists, so they buy it and read it, designate some of
    the "Gear Up" funds to purchase it for the minority and
    low income neighborhoods kids who cannot afford it.

    Should you need further information, please do not hesitate
    to contact me.

    Priscilla Gac-Artigas, PhD