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THE 2005 JOINT ASSEMBLY, a partnership between AGU, SEG,
NABS and SPD/AAS, is being held 23—27 May 2005 in New
Orleans, Louisiana. The Program Committee is developing a
Union-wide science program that will cover topics in all
areas of geophysical sciences. With a reputation as one of
the country's hottest spots for music, food, and nightlife,
New Orleans is an exciting venue for the Joint Assembly.

Session Call for Abstracts
ED06 : An Analysis of the Impact of Education Reform from "A
Nation at Risk" to "No Child Left Behind" on science education

Abstract Submission Guidelines.
$ Full submission guidelines can be found on the AGU Web
site on the 2005 Joint Assembly page,
[link removed]

$ It is the responsibility of the author to make certain the
abstract is received at AGU headquarters by the abstract
deadline, February 10, 2005. Authors must not rely on
convener...See More

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