Teachers' Course in Costa Rica
Nancy Aitken

    Campanario Biological Station Habitats and Culture of Costa Rica

    College Level Course for Degree Applicable Credit

    or Professional Development Credit

    2-week session for 2 semester credit hours 3-week session
    for 4 semester credit hours

    Habitats and Culture of Costa Rica offers an environmental
    overview of present day Costa Rica that emphasizes the
    natural history of its diverse landscapes as well as the
    language and customs of the people. You as a student,
    journey across Costa Rica's extraordinary geography: from
    coral reef to once-glaciated peaks of volcanic rock,
    experiencing cloud forests, lowland rainforests, and
    mangrove swamps. Along the way, you will learn about
    typical menus, rural schools, and the practices of tropical
    agriculture. You will receive instruction in the basics of
    conversational Spanish, participate in a service project,
    and investigate the flora and fauna of different
    eco-systems. Your goal is to gain an understanding of Costa
    Rica's environment within a cultural context. Several days
    of residence at the remote Campanario field station on the
    Osa Peninsula anchor the course and provide a setting for
    conducting field investigations.

    Cooperating Organizations: Proyecto Campanario: A
    conservation initiative in the Osa Peninsula dedicated to
    protecting what remains of the lowland tropical rain
    forests of the region. Campanario will be overseeing the
    natural history and research component of the course.

    Institute for Central American Studies (ICAS): Oversees the
    Spanish language, Costa Rican history and culture, and
    Central America politics component in San JosÚ.

    Lewis and Clark Graduate School of Education: Offers the
    course for academic or professional development credit.

    Habitats and Culture of Costa Rica includes: *lodging for
    course duration *3 meals daily with natural beverages
    *visits to different ecosystems, reserves, and localities
    *entrances to all parks and excursion sites *in-country
    transportation *academic program, instructors, and some

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