Mathematics Software Grant
Prof M Weissman

    >From: Prof Martin Weissman
    >Subject: Press Release - Streamlined Grant Process Gives
    Algebra Teachers Free Software
    >Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 21:02:02
    >For Immediate Release
    >Contact: Professor Martin Weissman, (718) 698-5219,
    >Streamlined Grant Process Gives Algebra Teachers Free
    >Professor Weissman's Software announces the availability
    of free copies of its flagship product, Math911, to
    qualified schools. Math911 is a Windows application that
    makes it easy for students to master Introductory and
    Intermediate Algebra, as well as College Algebra,
    Trigonometry, and Precalculus.
    >With its streamlined grant approval process, Professor
    Weissman's Software provides educators in middle schools,
    high schools, and colleges with immediate, free use of
    Math911 in their classrooms for the remainder of the 2002-
    2003 school year. Grants are easy to apply for, and
    approval notices are sent quickly to qualified applicants.
    >Math911 contains twenty chapters containing multiple
    lessons, and a range of difficulty levels. Chapters include
    Prealgebra, real numbers, linear equations and
    inequalities, exponents, polynomials, factoring, rational
    expressions, radicals, linear graphs, systems of equations,
    conic sections, quadratic equations, complex numbers,
    absolute equations and inequalities, x word problems, x and
    y word problems, College Algebra, Trigonometry, and
    >Since all questions are generated randomly in real-time,
    students can continue to practice their math skills until
    they master them. Students can do keyword searches for a
    topic which is not named in the chapter headings. The
    program includes grade reports by chapter, by lesson, and
    by difficulty level, allowing students to track their
    progress and achievements.
    >When students provide an incorrect answer, they can see a
    step by step solution that explains, in non-technical
    jargon, both the reasoning process and the mechanics of
    solving the problem. Math911's built-in calculator makes it
    easy to perform simple arithmetic, as well as sine, cosine,
    tangent, roots, powers, and logs.
    >Math911 can also be used for classes reviewing for SAT,
    ACT, GED, or CLEP exams, or with students in need of
    refreshing math skills for a new job. Math911 is so easy to
    use that it actually makes it fun to master Algebra.
    >Math911 runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP, and costs
    $29.95 for the student edition, and $69.95 for the school
    standalone edition, with multi-user and site licenses
    >To apply for a streamlined education grant and secure a
    free classroom copy of Math911, visit and click on School Grants. You can
    download a free, (standalone) fully-functional 30-day trial
    version of Math911 from the same web site. Grant is for the
    multi-user version and allows for creation of classes and
    registering students in the classes.
    >For more information, contact: Professor Weissman's
    Software, 246 Crafton Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10314.
    Email: Phone: (718) 698-5219
    (347) 528-7837
    > # # #
    >About Professor Weissman's Software
    >For more than a decade, Professor Martin Weissman has been
    developing and marketing Math-related software for the PC.
    In addition to Math911, the company offers four statistics
    programs and a Math for Nursing application.
    >Professor Weissman is the author of Laugh with Math, a
    light-hearted book designed to motivate students to take an
    interest in Mathematics. Professor Weissman also offers the
    Internet's only talking, interactive, animated Algebra
    >Professor Weissman's 40-year teaching career in
    mathematics began with the New York City Board of Education
    in 1963. He has been on the faculty at Essex County College
    in New Jersey since 1969.

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