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I am an online teacher for VIPKID. It's a company based in Beijing, China and I live in Ocala, Florida. Before working for VIPKID I was an elementary school teacher in New Jersey and North Carolina. When I moved to Florida I wanted to do something different with my education career. I soon found VIPKID! I work with students age 4 to 14 who want to learn English. I am working with my company to get the word out about VIPKID to teachers who maybe looking to earn some extra money on/during the weekends and holidays.

I'd love to share with you an article I have written on how teachers could get started working with VIPKID like I did to earn extra money. The company motto is part-time work with full-time reward.

I'm looking to be a guest blogger if anyone could help me :-) my email is y.[email removed]

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