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Teachers, there is a new bill with proposed changes to extend our time until validity of temp cert and to pass gk test as req for professional cert.


Please read page 12 of the link shared and pls share your thoughts. thank you.
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Lynn0612 Means nothing...most of our counties have already been contacted and have told us the new law applies only to NEW applicants...not to us. ANd that's awesome that we advocated and saved new teachers....but someone needs to save us!
LeeD That's BS!
Apr 26
ARS How new do these teachers have to be and where did you get this info from? I thought I would be including in this extension. I need to be sure.
Apr 29
Lynn0612 @ARS - then contact your local county HR. The rules vary county to county - which is frustrating. NEW as defined by my county means you apply for certification AFTER 7/1/19.
Apr 30
chem It will depend on the county. FLDOE says that if your district is willing to hire you back then there should be no problem. Contact your HR.

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