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I passed on the second try. I strongly encourage you to study every 30 mins for one week before you take the exam. The stories I had was: Alaskan/James Buchanan(Eads)/ Muzak/ and Women in Stem. Here is the Links below to help you study for the exam. I don't want your email. Just study and pass! We need more Teachers in FL.

Alaskan: https://quizlet.com/394907318/ftce-reading-alaska-flash-cards/

James Buchanan (Eads): https://quizlet.com/304864289/james-buchanan-eads-gk-flash-cards/

Muzak: https://quizlet.com/382492479/muzak-flash-cards/

Michelle Valerie Congrats on passing! I'll be taking mine for the 4th time on Thursday. Thanks for the info on the passages! Xo
Jun 24, 2019

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