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9.13 I took it today and finally passed. The topics for the reading: Barefoot,EADS Buchanan, Day of the dead and food additives and one that I did not find in quizlet about how books are lost because paper acidity ( two texts with 6 questions)

The essay was to discuss two assessment methods that educators use to measure student achievement.
JD What county
Sep 13, 2019
JD So far this is what people were reporting:

9/5-Pinellas County-Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of requiring high school students to learn a foreign language as a graduation requirement.

9/6 -Miami-Dade County-Heath initiatives in schools have become a popular way to engage faculty and staff in healthy activities. Discuss...See More
Sep 13, 2019
Beautifulday Miami Dade
Sep 13, 2019

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