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Hi guys, let's make a recap of all the prompts that are out there (this list has been created with all the prompts I have been able to get from people who have taken the test over the last 6 months):

1- Benefits and challenges of remedial math courses

2- Many people rely on organizations of political, religious or other groups. Explain two challenges that these representatives face when meeting obligations with their members.

3- Advantages and disadvantages of declaring a major before college.

4- Healthy initiatives in schools have become a popular way to engage faculty or staff in healthy activities. Advantages and disadvantages.

5- Advantages and disadvantages of taxing sugary drinks.

6- Advantages and disadvantages of requiring high school students to learn a foreign language as a graduation requirement.

7- Advantages and disadvantages of parental involvement in schools.

8- Evaluate two methods of performance-ba...See More
jeniffer Others one are: 17- Strategies of teaching diverse students that teachers should use in the classroom. 18- Teachers are evaluated on four performance levels, highly effective, effective, needs improvement, or unsatisfactory. Using these four performance levels, analyze the benefits and challenges of an effective teacher. 19- Morally ambiguous situa...See More

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