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I am really tired of trying essay as my last test that makes me give up my teaching career, I have an idea! let's do a group zoom together to find out our problem, we can do it and help each other!!

If you are interested post your email here to have a group zoom together to help to pass essay!!!!
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eduworld Please add me to the zoom meeting leo287c@gmail.com
Apr 27
DawnK I missed the zoom! I have a horrible sinus infection.. Will you guys have another zoom?
Apr 30
bahareh I am really sorry that you just waste my time, I arranged meeting I sent emails to all of you , I prepared documents, it was totally free to help each other to pass the essay but yesterday NOBODY show up in the zoom session ,I even waited until 7 PM, I wish you all luck and have a good day.
Apr 30
lamu Thank you for everything.. I even thought it was on Tuesday and sent you an email.. the problem is it was in the middle of the week and for me I was late at work couldn't connect..Sorry for that
Apr 30
Aurora Bahareh, I am sorry abut what happened with the Thursday's zoom. I tried many times but I could not sign-in. When I entered the meeting I.D. it took me directly to Miami " " School District Microsoft employees sign-in. Your idea is fantastic. I hope we can have that zoom another day and help each other. Thank you for everything

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