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Taking the GKT Reading for the 12 time tomorrow. The last 8 tries I got a 195. I did score verification and came across 2 of my answers incorrect- BUT WERE THE CHOICES GIVEN ON QUIZLET! Any other last minute advice? My certification expires June 30th and I have finished EVERYTHING except the GK Reading. #FrustratedandTired
ottavia I'm in the same situation. I tried 7 times and still did not pass.
Jun 12
mgriffin1 I finally passed! Vaccines, Buchanan, Muzak, Bauhaus! Studied Quizlet answer choices, went through chose all the answers I saw on Quizlet- marked the ones I wasnt sure, and read every passage and verified answers!
Meek Meek I studied all the passages from quizlet and passed
Jun 19

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