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Does anyone have good recommendations on Math 5-9? I failed twice so far… I went to my first attempt without study and received a 177. My second attempt was on June 17, and I have been studying for about two weeks before the second exam, but still didn't pass… I don't know the score yet, but it was at least 20 questions were about the levels of complexity, teaching strategies and the names of strategy methods… I knew some but not all. So that alone, I couldn't pass it anyway! On the other hand, the questions in my first attempt was more like a math exam, which I would do better if it appeared in my second exam…

I'm so frustrated and sad. I feel like no matter I try, I just can make it happen… Can anyone please share any good resources that you used or any websites/specific YouTube channels, etc.

Please email me at: rebecca8735@hotmail.com

Thank you in advance!

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