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I hope the following helps.

Topics for March (Miami) Healthy food options in school (Advantages and Disavantage)

February: Cost and benefits of people reading books instead of using the internet in their free time.

I heard another topic was about Teachers' Performance but not sure whether it is Adv/Dis or strategies.

I hope this helps anyone. God bless and good luck!
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jdh4093 Tasha have you taken yours yet? If so, what was your prompt? Thanks!
Mar 24
Tasha I take mine next week in Brevard Co. Ill let you know the topic
Mar 26
Tasha Took mine today. It was Florida evaluates teachers using the evaluation standard highly effective, effective, needs Improvement / developing, and unsatisfactory. Each educator is evaluated using this systematic approach. Write an essay describing the benefits and challenges of using this assessment to assess teachers
jeniffer Thanks for posting, I was thinking to take my test now in March but I not prepared. I will take it in April, I just need one person post the prompt and I will be know what are the 5 prompts for April - May and June and I will post it, but I need at least one to figurate.
Mar 29
didineGKT Just took it in Broward on March 26. The was give 2 strategies on how to prevent plagiarism
Mar 29

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