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I just found out I passed the essay portion of the general knowledge. If you took your test between 05/30/22-06/12/22, check tonight.

If you are struggling to pass this test, I recommend looking at "learning liaison" videos on YouTube. They helped tremendously and are probably why I passed. Follow their method; it works like a charm.

Good luck!
nikki18 I just got my results and I passed the essay too! I took it for the first time in the beginning of June. I did the 4 paragraph method and added fake statistics to back up my thesis.
Ilovecats @nikki18, I did exactly the same. :) It was not extravagant by any means! So happy for you!!
Jun 28
ycspanish Congratulation!!!! Thank you for sharing the advice! What was your prompt and where did you take your test?
Jun 28

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