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I took Math 6-12 exam today and passed it. There are totally 70 questions. The Calculus and statistics & Probability portion I feel like pretty easy. There are lamounts of real world problems related to Trigonometric function a bit hard, because it involves lots of calculation to get final solutions.

Be careful to determine the transformation of function graph about advanced function such as trignometric, logarithmic, exponential function and able to verify their inverse graph.

I didn't get any navaed book or materials to study, just working on my course materials in university.

Overall, the exam a bit hard, involved a lot of computation, be sure get above 75% accuracy to pass.
BandB Congratulations
Jun 30
Nardi Congratulations.. if you have any good materials, please share it with me.. thank you! Nardi_kosh@outlook.com
sunshine56 @Nardi, unfortunately I didn't have any good resources. I just simply reviewed on my major courses in university. If you are in mathematics major should be easy to pass.

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