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Has anyone taken the GK Reading test this month? Please share the passages! Would really appreciate it!
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CP Yes I did. I used MissRandom7 quizlet but he passages I had were James Buchanan and bridge, women in STEM, Luddites, and either Citizen Kane, Baucaus, Healthy living .
Nov 15, 2022
RS @CP thank you!!
Nov 23, 2022
Abell Yes I just did yesterday and finally passed. Passages were: EADS Bridge, Muzak, Women in STEM, and Alaskan Expedition.
Nov 27, 2022
Maria2022 Hi Abell, where did you take the test?
Dec 2, 2022
RS @CP and @Abell, can you please tell me how you prepared for GK Reading using Quizlet.

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