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I just took the gk essay today, april 1st, and got the prompt about teacher evaluations. I know I won't pass, does anyone have a list of possible prompts for May?
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jeniffer Hi everybody. I gave 5 essay predictions and they were that ones for January to March. Now if you take the test in April... you have to post what you had....This the only way you can help yourself and other. Don't like many that they take their test and forget to post it....that is not right!!!
Apr 4, 2023
Maria2022 Where did you take the test?
Apr 5, 2023
Danielle Lake Mary
Apr 20, 2023
London Did you get this one? Teacher Evaluations are highly effective, effective, needs improvement or developing and unsatisfactory. Using these four characteristics analysis the benefits and challenges of assessing an effective teacher.
Apr 28, 2023
London lol, you already wrote. I didn't see the top portion of the chat. Thank you @Danielle I have taken this test multiple times and always end up with a 7. I hate how they don't tell you what you did wrong. I am taking these tests from Texas so I can't even use the Verification, it's only for certain Florida test centers. I really hope they change this...See More
Apr 28, 2023

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