Re: Non-Renewed Teacher, Unemployment Benefits?

    On 7/11/12, Science Rocks! wrote:
    > Yes you do. You can bring a copy of your last pay stub to verify
    > your salary. This happened to me before and I received benefits
    > for that whole school year until I was able to find another
    > teaching job. As long as you didn't do anything to cause your
    > contract not to be renewed (constantly late, inappropriate
    > behavior) you will qualify.

    Even if you are fired, you can get it. Non-renewal IS a firing, by
    the way, and not a layoff. Only gross misconduct would disqualify a
    person from UI.

    > On 7/09/12, anon wrote:
    >> On 7/09/12, Wondering wrote:
    >>> This school year, I completed my first year of teaching.
    >>> However, my contract was not renewed. Does anyone know if
    >>> I will qualify for unemployment benefits?
    >> You should. You didn't quit. Contact your employment office
    >> and apply.