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I attendend college in Minnesota "a few years back" and
hold a current Iowa Sub license (was a k-6) and Standard
Minn (1-6. I was starting to work on my Middle School
Licensure this winter and if this I am offered the job I
was interviewed for this morning, I will need to get a
reading endorsement sooner than the Middle School
Endorsement. Anyway, In the AEA 4 Professional Development
Catalog for the summer I found several classes I need for
both; unfortunatly, some overlap.

Q 1 I want to take 2 classes both for college credit (1 is
a 2 day, the other a 7 day) and one day overlaps, can that
be worked out with the teachers? I know they tell you that
you must have so many contact hours but I really need BOTH

Q 2 Do I need to get into the GRaduate Study program?
Does that change if I take Summer Classes at Morningside?

Q 3 I have not paid much attention to when Reading
En...See More
maryB /blockquote>

I see that Language Learning/Reading Disabilities is offered
in Denison at the beginning of July through AEA. So is
Reading in the Content area but in late June. As far I can
see, those are the only two reading endorsement classes
offered this summer.
I,too, will be taking two classes this summe...See More
Apr 13, 2002
Lynn/Ashton /blockquote>

I saw the classes in the new mailing, but I have a problem
because several overlap and I have already committed to helping
a past employer this summer (before I knew this was coming up)
to help when an employee takes a maternity leave. Oh well.

Apr 14, 2002

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