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One of our staff members read an article in the Des Moines
Register about a school that has noon recess before lunch.
Our K-5 building is thinking of using that idea next year.
We would have a 20 minute recess, followed immediately by
lunch (we eat at 11:00) and two shorter recesses in the
afternoon. It sounds like a good idea because classrooms
would get a large block of literacy time in the morning.
Does anyone have experience with this sort of schedule?
I'd like to hear pros and cons.
yes... this is what we have... /blockquote>

We have 14 sections, 2 of every grade... lunch period is
11:25-12:00 and teachers have duty for 5 minutes and eat for
30 minutes. K-2 go at 11:25, 11:27, 11:30 to eat. They go to
recess at 11:40, 11:42, 11:45. 3rd-6th go to recess from
about 11:25-11:45, then stagger coming in and eat until 12:00
or so. K-3 h...See More
Apr 26, 2002
AA /blockquote>

Just one grade level in our school tried having recess right
before lunch one year. We didn't like it. Our lunchroom is
small and crowded. Imagine the smell in there when all the
kids (about 85)were hot and sweaty! Also it seemed like the
kids didn't eat as much because they were tired.

On 4/26/02, ...See More
Apr 27, 2002
Whitney Brogger /blockquote>

I am doing a report on the pros and cons of school recess, if
you know of any good books on the CONS of recess, PLEASE
respond! Thanks
Sep 17, 2002
Elizabeth Kionut /blockquote>

I read sme research on this and am trying to locate it. We
are planning to do the same this year. I just need to
locate the research. Can anyone help me?
Jul 21, 2003

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