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Hi! An Iowa chatboard! Too bad there isn't more good news
to chat about. Iowa's greatest assest the education system
is on the brink of destruction. More cuts=bad news for
public schools. I hope all of you are writing your
legislators and lobbying for the students of Iowa! Write
letters to the editor, get involved in legislative forums
near you, keep up the good fight!
Vicki /blockquote>

We were also told to send emails to legislators inviting them
in to visit our classrooms and schools to see the overcrowding
and lack of supplies we have to deal with every single day.
Mar 13, 2002
last long, now we can email them to come visit! kathy /blockquote>

Since the special session didn't last a half day, now our
legislators are back home (if they aren't in LV) and have them
come visit these classrooms they way they ARE.

Then, next fall we can invite them to come back to SEE HOW THEY

On 3/13/02, Vicki wrote:
> We were also told ...See More
Apr 24, 2002

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